Better Solutions at Northwind Consulting Group

At Northwind Consulting Group, we always have something in the works. From new programs designed to boost your business’ success, to resources to help you reach your business goals and help you focus on what you do best.

High Quality Engagement

With Northwind, you can expect quality results.  We strive to bring you not only the best talent, but to also offer the best client/partner experience possible.  We will be proactively engaged, ensuring that our solutions are meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.  Our goal is to work together with you to help grow your business.

Let us help you scope your need, develop your team’s skills, develop your strategy and evaluate your performance. Get the support and expertise you need to ensure the ongoing success of your team. 



Specialized Staffing

With years of experience building the right teams, we are experts at finding superior talent, on-boarding, mentoring, and providing continuing support for your success.

Northwind’s recruiters and staffing experts provide custom professional staffing services for companies of all sizes throughout the United States. Engage us for custom development, and we’ll take on entire projects from analysis to development; or use us for staffing, and we’ll place talent to work as part of your team. These services go hand in hand, and we are excited to be able to help our clients with their talent management challenges. Classic recruiters simply recruit; at Northwind we recruit the best training professionals in the industry and then give them the support they need to help your business succeed.


Consulting Services

Every project is different! You might need curriculum design, a change management or organizational readiness strategy, an evaluation plan, a marketing and communications program, or a creative gamification solution. We are the vendor-partner who will define the best comprehensive solution to accomplish your objectives, and provide you the full array of services to achieve a successful outcome.

Northwind’s service and value are built on trust, which is essential for any great collaboration. It is trust, commitment, team spirit, and loyalty that have been the driving forces in our successful collaboration with clients.